Miss Sarah


Hello all! I just turned 21 and got married this past September of 2019 to the most God-honoring man. I was born and raised in good ole North Carolina until I was 18 and have been all over the US/World ever since. The day after I graduated high school, I flew to Oklahoma to be a camp counselor at a summer camp for a couple months. I also came back the following year because I loved working with the kiddos so much. After that I flew to Redding, California to start a missions program for five months and went overseas to Egypt, Lebanon, and Greece to do mission work. I went home right after this program and decided to come back a few months later and there I met the most dreamy guy ever, my husband! We both helped lead an outreach to India with a couple students. A year later we got married and now I’m in Sacramento. My husband and I are planning to become full time missionaries in Asia somewhere in the near future, but for now I’m working here at Learning Pointe with the most adorable kids ever and at the Natomas Unified School District. I love children so much and hope to have/adopt seven beautiful children of my own, but we’ll see how it goes after number one. God is so good to us all and we should continue to give Him thanks in both the good and unpleasant circumstances.