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Miss Victoria, 
Substitute Teacher

A little about myself, I have lived with in the Natomas community all of my life. I married in October of 2017. I have worked at Learning Pointe since 2016 as an aide and as of last year a classroom teacher. Both my husband and I are involved in leadership within our home church, Encounter.

My passion for children came at an early age. I remember as a young girl I would use our giant white board and pretend I was the teacher and my siblings were my students. As I grew older, I began to babysit children at my church. I was also a teacher's helper inside our children’s ministry until I was able to teach by myself in the classroom. I have worked with children in Mexico, Haiti, South Africa and Minnesota.

Being able to work at my church is a blessing. I love being able to teach little ones at such a young age. Many things are developing within them and they are excited to learn .

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