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Your child’s safety is our HIGHEST priority and in order to ensure their safety, we have implemented the following procedures:

All persons that enter our preschool do so after receiving access through a locked door. Our front office is located right in front and is continually staffed.

•Our staff monitor children at all times and note their transitions. They are also required to do a “name to face” count. It is important that the staff know how many children they have, as well as, which ones they have.

•Preschool students are signed in and out by both their teachers and an authorized adult. Students can only be picked up by an authorized adult.

•Staff members must pass Department of Justice fingerprint clearance and Child Abuse Index.


•Staff receive continual training in  the transmission of germs and follows appropriate procedures to minimize that transmission.


•Staff are required to do a “health check” as each child arrives.


•Staff train and encourage our students to follow safety procedures indoors and outdoors.


•Staff receives training  in CPR and First Aid.


Monthly fire drill/lock down drills are held.

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